7 August 2016

August Kitsuke

Geiko Kikuyu

For this month okaasan Kikuyu chose black susohiki with beautifully handpainted scenery. It is accompanied by golden obi with small flowery pattern.
Her Taka Shimada(style of the wig) is decorated with small but very elegant seasonal kanzashi.
In her hand she's holding pink kago that goes really good with whole ensemble.

Senior Maiko Kikutsuru

For august Kikutsuru san chose white hikizuri with susuki(pampass grass) pattern. This hikizuri is made in such colors that one look on this masterpiece is enough to cool yourself down in summer heat. 
Her her is decorated with one flower of Asagao or morning glory.

Senior Maiko Kikumaru

Kikumaru san is wearing pale blue hikizuri with multi seasonal pattern which goes really good with green obi. Like her oneesan Maiko Kikutsuru, her hair is decorated with Asagao(Morning glory) kanzashi, but with triple as maiko Kikumaru is "younger" senior maiko than Kikutsuru san.

Junior Maiko Kikune

Little Kikune san is wearing twin hikizuri of the one worn by Maiko Kikutsuru, her oneesan. Her wareshinobu is decorated with silver susuki(pampass grass). It is tradition that Junior maiko wear this type of kanzashi, while senior maiko can choose between asagao kzasnhi or the susuki ones(it also depends on the hanamachi)

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