9 June 2018

Summertime ozahsiki in Kyoto Kagai

We continue to hold weekly events for all admirers of the Japanese culture as well as guest of the Kyoto Kagai. The weather is already hot and humid but at our sim you can always find a cool place to rest and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, created by Maiko from Hanafusa okiya. Every aspect, from food to clothing of the maiko, is carefully selected for every occasion by the host. 

We are always happy to see new guests as well as families with children at our sim and events:)

Want to know when there will be next event? In this blog on the right side there is a tab with "monthly events". In case you need additional information, please feel free to IM Maiko Kikumaru(belliebeth) in SL.
Photo by Kyoko san (Samara Barsane)

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