11 May 2018

Misedashi. Day 1: Sansan Kudo Ceremony

San san Kudo Ceremony where Maiko Kikumaru and Maiko Kikushino
Are bonded as oneesan(older sister, mentor) and imouto
Misedashi - is the most important events in any maiko's life. From now on, you are seen as official part of the Kagai, no matter if its RL or SL.
And one of the most important events in Misedashi is the ceremony called San san Kudo, which can be translated as "three times three". What is about this ceremony that makes it so special? Well, this is the ceremony or better to say a ritual, similar to the one used in weddings, that is performed to bound a new Maiko (imouto) and her Oneesan (maiko or geiko who will be her mentor, "older sister"). There is also highly respected and honorable person, who performs the ceremony - in Hanafusa okiya it is Okaasan. Like it is during the wedding, the Sake is poured into 3 different cups which represent different yet important aspects. When drinking, you bring the sake cup 2 times to your lips and only by the 3rd sip you can sip. That is how you get three times three! This ceremony is so important that participants wear most formal kuromontsuki (formal hikizuri with 5 crests of the okiya) and most expensive hair ornaments.
Though Sansan kudo ceremony is no public and can not be witnessed, we would like to welcome everyone to public celebrations on the Misedashi (debut) of Maiko Kikushino of Hanafusa okiya that will take place this Saturday 11 am slt at Hanahusa ochaya.

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