26 April 2018

Kyo Odori 2018

For those who do not know, every Hanamachi (geiko district) in Kyoto has several main annual dance performances - one takes place in spring and one in autumn. Most famous of all is possibly the Miyako odori and Onshukai, performed by Maiko and Geiko from Gion Kobu Hanamachi but I insist that every odori of any hanamachi is worth witnessing.
In SL, Miyagawacho Hanamachi of Kyoto Kagai sim continues the RL tradition by holding two annual public odori (apart from other smaller odori): Kyo odori in April and Mizuekai in October. The creators, writers and designers are members of Hanafusa okiya with Okaasan Kikuyu as director of the odori. To bring this 1.5 hour performance takes several months of preparations and rehearsals - all to provide the audience with the highest level of hospitality. Every move of the fan, every poem, every story - all this comes sincerely from the hearts of the performers and we hope that all our guest get to feel it.

Now, lets look closely at this years Kyo odori (every year the theme and acts change so previous odori and the odori that will come in future years will be different):
Peformers: Geiko Kikuyu (narrator), Atatori Maiko Kikutsuru (performer), Maiko Kikumaru (performer), Maiko Kikune (performer), Minarai Kikushino (performer).
Tea Ceremony, performed at Kyo Odori 2018
Tea ceremony: As part of the Kyo Odori, formal tea ceremony is performed for the guests and patrons. This year it is very special as Maiko Kikutsuru was otemae - the host who performs the tea ceremony. Usually this role is performed by geiko, so does this mean that soon we might have erikae SL Karyukai? Who knows, lets wait and see :) The role of ohikae, assistant at the tea ceremony who helps serve tea and sweets, was performed by Maiko Kikune and Minarai Kikushino, who is possibly soon to debut as Maiko.

Act 1 "Spring in Miyagawacho"

Act 1:

Spring has finally come to Miyagawacho and the maiko are gathering under the cherry blossoms. Their Cherry branches accentuate the ancient sakura. Senior Maiko wear blue hikizuri with peonies and younger maiko and minarai wear yellow hikizuri with irises

Act 2 : "Summer night dance"

Act 2:

Have you ever seen a maiko dance in the summer night? 
Her maiougi is switched to uchiwa, which shows the mon (crest) of her okiya, like a quiet soothing breeze she dances along the river bank, making summer memories

Act 3 and Act 4 "Kabuki"

Act 3 and Act 4: 

Two girls, one from Kyoto 
and the other from Osaka, 
have a dream to see the world, that neither of them has seen before. 
One day the decide, each on their own, to walk for days to see a city new to them...

Act 5 : "Formal"

Act 5 :

With fans of silver and red
our maiko enter the stage
in their most formal outfits
worth more than a house
in today's money
A masterpiece
before your eyes...

Act 6: "Winter"

Act 6: 

Many things in life slowly come and quickly go...
Like watching Sakura turn into winter snow, 
And just as quickly both beauties will fade,
Like Tama ball coral that becomes Tama ball jade...

Act 7: "Miyagawa Ondo"

Act 7 :

Miyagawa ondo, 
the traditional ending 
of the Kyo Odori. Maiko in their bright spring costumes 
welcome Spring in front of the Miyagawacho Kaburenjo 

We hope that you have enjoyed our performance as much as we did and we hope to see you next year.

*Note: Due to health issues, Maiko Kikumaru could not take part in Kyo odori (although she was posing for the photoshots for the program). She is soon to return back to performing and is not planning to retire. 

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