21 January 2018

Kitsuke worn in January by members of Hanafusa okiya

After Shigyoshiki and Hatsuyori celebrations took place in the Karyukai, it is time to get back to semi-formal hikizuri and hairstyles. All antique hairpins, expensive obi and luxurious kuromontsuki  are hidden as okiya's precious belongings till special event occurs. Who knows, there might be a misedashi celebration soon...

Geiko Kikuyu

Okasan Kikuyu wearing her January kitsuke
Okaasan KIkuyu has decided to wear kimono of vine color with bamboo pattern, created in shibori style (shibori is a Japanese tie-dying technique, using a variety of techniques in different shapes to make different patterns). The eri(collar) is white, and is the symbol of pureness, femininity and maturity.
Susohiki of Kikuyu san is held with white obi, that has geometrical pattern, created with silver silk threads.
As we look at okaasan's katsura(wig), we will see small yet beautiful mazeashi that has diamonds - this small but very stylish hairpin is the mon of Hanafusa okiya.

Maiko Kikutsuru

Maiko Kikutsuru wearing her january kitsuke

Senior Maiko Kikutsuru's deep green hikizuri with snow is for us like a reminder that thought weather is warm at the moment, nevertheless it is still winter that sooner or later will show us its fury. Her eri is embroidered with seasonal patterns so that no red is seen BUT it has red embroidered part at the back. Her darari obi is about 7 meters long! and decorated with carefully sewn crane pattern on the white background.

Hairstyle of Maiko Kikutsuru is called Ofuku(special hairstyle that maiko start wearing after they become senior) and is decorated with special January kazashi.

Maiko Kikumaru

Maiko Kikumaru wearing her January Kitsuke
Maiko Kikumaru is the 2nd oldest maiko in Hanafusa okiya.
For January she is wearing fabulous navy blue and white hikizuri with hand-painted matsu or pine tree motif. It seems that Kikutsuru san much enjoys this motif as this is second time this year she chooses to wear kimono that have this motif. Her obi has gold woven pattern on green background. on the obi, pink obijime (small cord) is holding very expensive pocchiri (small brooch, worn threaded onto the obijime, making a charming decoration on the front of the obi also its the most expensive part of maiko's outfit).

Maiko Kikune

Maiko Kikune wearing her January kitsuke

Jr Maiko Kikne has decided to wear this stunning hikizuri  that has carefully painted chrysanthemum flowers, maple leafs and small snow piles on deep red background.  
Her eri is richly embroidered with white treads but still we can see the red cloth - it means that she's still Junior Maiko. Textile  of the hikizuri is exquisite glossy silk. 
Her obi is white, with golden flower pattern. 
As she is still young Maiko, her hairstyle is Wareshinobu (easily recognizable due to the two strips of red silk ribbon called kanoko, that has been woven through the mage ("bun"), and visible through the hair on the top and bottom section). 
The hair is decorated with special January kanzashi that have auspicious Japanese New Year theme

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