13 April 2017

Ozashiki Memories

This Wednesday Hanahusa ochaya hold very special ozashiki for patrons and guests of the Kyoto Kagai. It was special for several reasons: first of all, youngest maiko of Hanafusa okiya, Maiko Kikushino and Maiko Kikuyae, performed their first dance after their Misedashi. The dance was accompanied by talented koto play by Maiko Kikutsuru. Secondly, it was notices that maiko Kikumaru started wearing pink cloth on her ofuku hairstyle. This means that soon she will step into her last stage as Maiko.
It was last public ozashiki of April. Next grand event will be Heian Jingu Reitaisai Hono Buyou(dance performance at Kitano Tenmagu Jinja) on Tuesday 18th of April(10.30 am slt - 11.15 am slt). After - Kyo odori on Sunday 30th of April.

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