20 July 2016

Misedashi of Maiko Kikune

Hanafusa san no Kikune san no Misedashi dosu. Yoroshi otanomoshimasu!
(This is Misedashi of Kikuno-san of Hanafusa. Please, treat her well!)

Konnichiwa dear guests and readers of Hanafusa blog. On this beautiful day i'm honored to announce the debut of Maiko Kikune. She has debuted under the wing of Sr Maiko Kikutsuru. Omedetou san dosu Kikune-san on the path you have chosen!

* Misedashi - formal debut of Maiko, literary means "open for business". New maiko is presented to hanamachi and the society. She wears Kuromontsuki(formal, black, crested kimono) with with matching formal golden obi and with the okiya crest on the bottom. No obijime or obidome. During Misedashi maiko wears wareshinobu hairstyle with distinguishable kanzashi: special hair ornaments of tortoiseshell called chirikan, two ougi bira kanzashi( silver, fan-shaped kanzashi with silver flutters hanging by rings). She will also wear miokuri(bands of metal sticking out from the bottom of the bun).

During San san Kudo ceremony, Kikune chan was bonded with Sr Maiko and Atatori of Hanafusa okiya, Maiko Kikutsuru. This most important event was held by Okaasan Kikuyu and witnessed by Sr Maiko Kikumaru, shikomi Yumi and Ayumi.
After the ceremony, Kikutsuru san and Kikune san went on greeting rounds with important patrons, where Kikutsuru san was introducing the new maiko.
After the new maiko was introduced, Hanahusa ochaya held a festiwe ozashiki in her honor. Many good patrons and friends of the hanamchi were welcomed to whiteness the first dance of newborn maiko san and wish her good luck in her career.
Misedashi celebrations were held for 2 more days, with more visiting rounds and ozashikis.

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