22 June 2016

Shikomi Ayumi

Minarai Kikusana
 .·´¯`·.·•Watashi no namae wa Kikusana desu•·.·´¯`·.

A native to Kyoto, I was born into a lineage of ningyo doll artisans. Some of my earliest memories were sparked by watching the careful hands of my father create porcelain beauties emblematic of the ancient history of Kyoto. In my childhood I spent many days in our shop, dreaming endlessly and reveling in the mystery of the flower and willow world. 
Always a precocious child, I found myself buried in textbooks, determined to learn everything I could of the kagai. Over time, stolen glances of geiko in soggy streets turned into my own zouri tracing their footsteps. Though I was faced with the hard decision to give up my normal life as a girl, I was compelled to pursue my dream of one day becoming a person of art. 
Though my journey has just begun, I am honored to be given an opportunity to improve myself and serve my okiya well. Through the advisement and direction of my Okaasan and elder sisters, I hope to continually better myself and hone my craft. 

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