19 May 2016

Relay for Life odori

Very special event took place on May 6th in Miyagawacho Hanamachi. In the event of supporting Relay for Life Hanafusa okiya held an odori ( dance performance) in 4 acts each representing one season. The dance depicted the four seasons, and a story about “Letting go” of once extra “Luggage” and burdens. Our beautiful dance was performed by the maiko and minarai of Hanafusa okiya in our kaburenjo in Miygawacho Hanamachi. We would like to thank Kyoko san who narrated before, between and after the dances. Also we would like to thank those who came and those who donated to Relay for Life. Cancer is a worldwide problem, lets fight it togather!

Participants: Sr Maiko Kikutsuru, Sr Maiko Kikumaru, Jr Maiko Kikuyumi, Minarai Kikune

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