5 February 2016

February Kitsuke

Spring is slowly but firmly talking over Miyagawacho Hanamachi. Although there's still some snow the ground, first spring flowers are starting to peak through the icy white cloak. One by one, all of the Plum trees will soon take over the area with their beautiful flowers and magnificent sweet scent.
Geiko Kikuyu, Maiko Kikutsuru, Maiko Kikumaru and Maiko Kikuyumi of Hanafusa okiya are also preparing for new season(deciding who will wear what during this spring and writing new poems and dances for ozashiki). Shikomi Kokoro helps to take care of beautiful springtime Hikizuri and susohiki - she's really a hard worker. okiya is full of life and rush :) Who knows, maybe this spring will bring a new member in the okiya...

Geiko Kikuyu

Okaasan Kikuyu is wearing beautiful and very expensive pink susohiki, with flower motif on it. The flowers are hand painted by the artisan, who has created truly a piece of art!The pinkish color is to remind us that soon, when the Sakura will start to bloom Winter shall pass away finally. Kikuyu san is also wearing a golden obi to match, which is decorated with gently-painted cranes - symbol of longevity and good luck because it was thought to have a life span of a thousand years.
Everything in her, from her clothes to her character expresses freshness and beauty of Springtime

Sr Maiko Kikutsuru

Maiko Kikutsuru is not only the oldest maiko in Hanafusa Okiya and the atatori(heiress) but she's also a magnificent person and oneesan(older sister, mentor) a maiko can wish for.
For February she is wearing fabulous sweet pink hikizuri with hand-painted flower motif. Her obi different from Kikuyu san's - it is longer(over 7 meters!) and is called darari obi. It has gold an silver woven pattern on it. Her hair is decorated with special kanzashi for older maiko - flower of plum tree. Her obijime(small cord on the obi) is holding very expensive obidome(small brooches worn threaded onto the obijime, making a charming decoration on the front of the obi also its the most expensive object in maiko's outfit).

Sr Maiko Kikumaru

For Maiko Kikumaru this spring is first for her as Sr Maiko. Her Mizuge was on January 29th, right after her birthday. Omedetou Kikumaru san!
For February she decided to wear elaborate red silk hikizuri with waves hand-painter - this hikizuri is multi seasonal( it means it can we worn during whole year). Her amazing darari obi is decorated with woven wave pattern.
Her hairstyle is called Ofuku or ‘split peach’ style and is worn after mizuage In the back of the bun the color is changed to match her changing of age. For now she's wearing red meaning she's new sr Maiko. Her hair is decorated with triple plum blossom kanzashi, similar to onew worn by Kikutsuru san.
In her hand she's holding sakura brunches, which represent the coming of spring time.

Jr Maiko Kikuyumi

Jr Maiko Kikuyumi has debuted last year in November, so she still is "new" in the kagai. She has worked as a maiko less than a year so she is painting only her lower lip and is wearing plum blossom kanzashi with shidare(long chains of silk flowers). She looks so young and fresh, truly she's little spring flower.
Little Yumi chan is really lucky - for now she's the only jr Maiko in the okiya so she can choose from a big variety of hikizuri :)
Hikizuri worn by Maiko Kikuyumi has a soft pretty hikizuri with little colorful plum blossoms on it. She's the first maiko to wear this hikizuri, a great honor!
Her Obi is decorated with marvelous woven golden ornaments, that really suits the plum flowers on the hikizuri.

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