28 May 2017

Minarai Kikuteru(Hanafusa Okiya)

Minarai Kikuteru during her Minaraia celebrations in Hanahusa ochaya
Every time i see a new girl debuting as minarai it makes me rejoice as never before. Seeing a new soul that has chosen the path of apprentice and Kyoto Kagai sim as her home is like a new start appearing in the sky - bright little dot who has a long way before her until she becomes a gorgeous and magnificent sun ...Until she becomes a geiko...
Yesterday, a young minarai took her first step into the "Flower and Willow world". Many of you, my dear readers, might not agree with me. You might say "This is not first step, she has been shikomi for nearly three month and shikomi is first rank?!". I would smile and disagree. Indeed, when a girl come to the okiya she gets involved in the life of Karyukai, but more inner, more"domestic" should i say. She helps her older sisters and does chores;  classes are taken so to prepare her for the future career. BUT. She does not go to ozashiki with her sisters neither is she know around the hanamachi. And most important - she has not gained her "geimei" or stage name. This specific part, i should say is most important. When times comes and girl is ready to debut as minarai, Okaasan chooses a perfect name for her - the one that should contain family name (Hanafusa okiya has "Kiku" part), part of girls own name and part of her oneesan's name. Also it has to resemble with girls nature and should bring luck, meaning it has to have auspicious number of charters. After she was given a new name and is presented(it is similar ceremony ot the one held when girl debuts as Maiko, "Misedashi" walking rounds), from that essential moment she starts playing her role in the life of the karyukai. Indeed this role is small, but that is until she debuts as maiko ,which i must say, is not far away in time from now.
As for now, let us all welcome is delicate flower and wish her luck on her path. Her mentor-to-be was chosen Senior Maiko Kikutsuru, who is also oneesan of Kikumaru, Kikune and Kikushino so there is no doubt that with a good teacher as is Kikutsuru san, little Kikuteru will learn to be the proud maiko from Hanafusa okiya.
"Omedetou san dosu Kikuteru chan. You Okaasan and sisters are proud of you"

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