6 February 2017

Minarai Kikuteru

Minarai Kikuteru in her summer attire
Watashi no namae wa Miharu desu.
I am a minarai of Hanafusa Okiya, run by the very kind and respectable Okaasan Geiko Kikuyuu.

Miharu was an only child until she reached the age of five. Her mother and father worked hard to earn a good living, so raising a family financially was never a problem.
Her mother, Rin, worked at the Ototoya seafood restaurant in Otsu, only nine or so minutes from Kyoto station.
Daddy Toru worked in town. During the week, he taught at the local junior high school and at the weekends, helped out with a new food delivery service to elderly Kyotoite residents.
He was always charitable and had a good relationship with many business owners and their clients.
By 'business owners' I mean also the owners of a few Ochaya (teahouses) around the Gion district.
After Mihachan's little sister was born, Miharu started to feel as if her parents were spending all their attention...her parents loved both children as equal as eachother, even if it didn't seem so.
This is where Hanafusa okiya came into play. Mihachan had an (perhaps unhealthy) obsession with Geiko.
Always trying to steal a glimpse one of these elusive and dignified women...what must it be like to be one..how could she be like them?
Miha's father always told her to stay in school so she would be well educated, and much on her way to choosing what she wanted to do...perhaps move into further education; since her parents didn't own their own businesses and needed no heir.
She, of course, wished so much to be a Geiko. To meet and become like these women of the flower and willow world.
Both parents weren't too keen on the idea, but daddy Toru promised Miharu that if she graduated, he would make sure personally, that he and her mother help Miha achieve her dream.
He stayed true to his word, Miharu graduated her junior school and even at fifteen years of age, where she should perhaps have been wanting to date boys and hang out with her friends...she enrolled with the support from her mother and father, in the Miyagawacho Hanafusa Okiya.

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