1 September 2016

Junior Maiko Kikushino

Maiko Kikushino in her summer attire
My name is Kikushino. 
 I am a Maiko of Hanafusa Okiya. 
I was was born in Obanagawa near Lake Biwa as third child of an middle-class Family.
I was named Harumi meaning Springtime beauty.
My Mother was bakery shop assistant, my Father was Head  of the Junior Highschool in Ojiyama, were I was till I was fifteen. as far as I had reached that age, my Father wanted me to become apprentice in the baking business where my Mother already was working but I wanted to do other things... Since my early childhood I loved to look at images and Ukiyo-e Prints and Paintings of Geikos, as well as I liked to read about them and their Arts they practice.
So one Day, I took heart and told my Parents that I want to become apprentice Geiko in one of the Okiya of Kyōto. My father was not very amused and wanted to prohibit me to join an Okiya but my caring Mother took me one Day, as my Father was on a Meeting at School, on a Trip to Kyōto and encouraged me to speak to one of them at Miyagawacho.
And as it would have been predetermined, the first Geiko I spoke to, was the Okaasan of Hanafusa Okiya. After a long serious and heartfelt Interview by Okaasan I was overwhelmed for a few days but after I had sorted out some things in my Life, my Mother and I told my Father that I really wanted to become apprentice at Hanafusa Okiya. He still was not amused but my Mother came trough to me, argued therefor till my Father lately agreed and accepted that I may join the Okiya, linked to the condition, I would become one of the best Geikos and would never blame either my Family at home, neither my new Family at the Okiya.

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