19 November 2015

Misedashi of Kikuyumi

Hanafusa san no Kikuyumi san no Misedashi dosu. Yoroshi otanomoshimasu!

(This is Misedashi of Kikuyumi-san of Hanafusa. Please, treat her well!)

Dear guests, patrons and readers of Hanafusa blog. On this beautiful day i'm honored to announce the debut of Maiko Kikuyumi. She has debuted under the wing of Sr Maiko Kikutsuru. She has worked really hard to reach this high, and i'm happy to have her as my neechan(younger sister). Omedetou san dosu Kikuyumi-san on the path you have chosen!

Misedashi - formal debut of Maiko, literary means "open for business". New maiko is presented to hanamachi and the society. She wears Kuromontsuki(formal, black, crested kimono) with with matching formal golden obi and with the okiya crest on the bottom. No obijime or obidome. During Misedashi maiko wears wareshinobu hairstyle with distinguishable kanzashi: special hair ornaments of tortoiseshell called chirikan, two ougi bira kanzashi( silver, fan-shaped kanzashi with silver flutters hanging by rings). She will also wear miokuri(bands of metal sticking out from the bottom of the bun)

On first day of Misedashi, a very important ceremony takes place. It is called San san kudo or bonding ceremony. It is performed by drinking from sake cups, 3 sips from each of 3 cups, shared with one you are being bond to. On this photo we have a rare glance of young maiko(Kikuyumi) being bonded with her oneesan or older sister(Kikutsuru). As well as being performed with an oneesan and imouto during Misedashi, this is also marriage ceremony during which wife is bonded to her husband. As you understand, this bond cannot be broken until one of the bonded dies or leaves the profession. So it is very serious!

After the san san kudo ceremony, oneesan Kikutsuru and newborn Maiko Kikuyumi walked to teahouses and stores important to the okiya and life in the kagai to thank them for their support and with the wish of a continuing support in the future
Misedashi day 2 and 3 : Misedashi Ozashiki
Several ozashiki were held in honor of Kikuyumi chan who is now a new maiko in Hanafusa okiya. Many important to hanamachi people came to congratulate her and watch her first performance. Maiko Kikuyumi presented guests with a dance and story of her path as apprentice geiko.  From now on she'll be known as proud maiko of Hanafusa okiya. Let's all wish her good luck!

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