7 November 2014

Maiko Kikuno

Photo by Isodel-san
 Watashi no namae wa Kikuno desu

I am a Maiko at Hanafusa Okiya in Miyagawacho Hanamachi. Okaasan is Geiko Kikuyu and my Oneesan is Maiko Kikutsuru ^^

Before okaasan has given me a professional name, everybody called me Miyoe.
I was born in Okinawa and moved to Kyoto due to her fathers flourishing second hand kimono business. I loved to try them on and walk around the streets with her mother and two sisters in her kimono.

For birthday my father treated me to go seeing an odori at a near bye hanamachi. I really loved it and wanted to see more. One thing lead to another and so became very interested in the traditional arts . After taking a few traditional dance and music lessons she fell in love. After going to a few more odori and meeting maiko I havedecided to train as a maiko.

Trying out a few okiya which were not right for her she decided to take a break. Then decided to re try...I applied into Hanafusa okiya. After several interviews she got accepted, packed her things and moved into the okiya to start her path to becoming a geiko...

Shikomi: Photos to come ^_^





Haninmae Maiko: Photos to come^^

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